Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vigne dei Cardinali Prosecco

Winery description: Extra dry Sparkling Wine (Italy)
Cost: $12.99
11% alcohol

Jessica's review: Lindsay and I were at brunch and decided that we wanted more Mimosas, but didn't want to pay for them, so we hightailed it out there and picked out some of this inexpensive sparkling wine. Before mixing our Mimosas, we decided to do a little tasting. I think this is pretty typical of sparkling wine. It's nothing special. It was a little sweet, kinda like cotton candy. Mixed with the orange juice, it was fine.

Pairs well with: 4 Peppers goat cheese, table water crackers and grapes.

Lindsay's review: On first taste this wine was on the dry side, reminding me of a riesling but with bubbles. I couldn't quite place the taste, but it made me think of the Vodka tonic I had the night before, without the bitter cheap vodka flavor. Now that I've had some Mimosa and another small glass of the wine itself, I feel that it's a bit chalky and bitter. Kind of like Flintstones vitamins, the orange kind. Compared to the Mimosa I had this morning, it's a C-. Compared to the Cook's Brut Mimosas I normally make, it's only a B.

Pairs well with: Drunks and Mariokart.

Ratings (one being BLECH! and five being Bravo Winemakers! A++):
Color: 4.5 (it's clear, like water and my vodka tonic. Meaning you could fill a water bottle and bring it to a movie and no one would be the wiser.)
POP-ascity: 4 (a distinct popping sound was heard, but nothing was broken)
Flavor: 2.5339
Overall: 4 (for Mimosas), 3 (on it's own)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Bottle: Bully Hill Chardonnay Elise

Winery description: An elegant Chardonnay with bright fruit, subtle oak, and a soft buttery finish.
Cost: $12.50
12.5% alcohol

Jessica's review: This is an okay wine. I'm no wine expert, but I essentially know what I like and this is on the pleasant side of things. The "buttery" is on the nose. I'm thinking the oak and buttery flavors kind of mix together and create a butter rum/butter scotch flavor that is kind of pleasant. Not entirely unlike a croissant. There are a few fruit notes, apricot and strawberry mostly. The bottle describes it as a "Very Dry" wine and I would have to disagree with that. I'd say it's fairly sweet if a bit acidic. The aftertaste is that of hard candy.

Pairs well with: firm, mild cheese with honey on top.

Lindsay's review: Everything Jessica said above, but as the wine rests the fruit flavor all but dissipates. You're left with a buttery/bitter flavor that kind of lies flat in your mouth. It becomes forgettable. In fact, I don't remember what glass I'm on. Lets have another!

Pairs well with: Salty Planter's mixed nuts.

Ratings (one being BLECH! and five being Bravo Winemakers! A++):
Bottle design: 3 (verging on the Monet wallpaper in my dentist's bathroom)
Ease of opening: 2 (covering foil in plastic is just plain silly)
Flavor: 3.5 (for tasting like a croissant w/apricot preserves)
Overall: 3 (based on no mathematical averaging whatsoever)